My Body is a Temple tee - on sale for $19. Click on image to get yours until Easter 4/21/19

My Body is a Temple tee - on sale for $19. Click on image to get yours until Easter 4/21/19

purge it with patti

"Because your body is a temple, not a trash can."

Get the book, join the group, change your life

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The newest resource for PGs (Purge it Grads)

The Purge it PG Journal is filled with resources to resume your Purge on day 29. Its 8.5x11 inches long, with 118 undated tracking pages to help you plan your physical, spiritual, and mindfulness activities, a list of the main Purge it foods and so much more. For a limited time, until April 21st. Easter, the PG journal is only $19, (regularly $27). My gift to you. Only a few left.


Get the book! 

Filled with colorful pics in soft/hard cover or digital formats, this 28-Day Body Reset is packed with easy-to-follow, yummy recipes for busy professionals, moms, and students. Paperback formats are SOLD OUT on Amazon. Download your digital copy HERE. Remember for digital books, you will need an e-book reader like the Kindle app which is free and easy to use. When you’re ready to get started, join our PRIVATE Facebook group for support. Like our new public fan page below to stay updated!

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Meet Marta

Meet Marta, our Purge it Superstar of the month. She decided to do the Purge it Challenge and had amazing results. She lost a total of 25 pounds while on the Purge and inspired a crowd of family and friends with her lifestyle changes. She went from 182 to 157 and attributes her healthy lifestyle changes to prayer, posting pics of her meals in our private Facebook group and all the support in the group. Go Marta!

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Meet Nichole

Our Purge it Superstar of the month, Nichole, is an author, attorney, LipSynk Brand Ambassador, and mom! This businesswomen has no time to waste. She is in charge of acquisitions, book signings, time with her family, and still finds time to inspire others to live an empowered life on her blog/Instagram account: @empoweredlyfe

Nichole did the Purge with a friend and believes the support is what got her through. For her, being an example to her growing daughter and others she influences virtually and professionally is very important and the Purge has helped to continue to do just that. Thanks for inspiring us Nichole! To empower your life, visit Nichole on Instagram @empoweredlyfe

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Meet Arelys

Arelys, our Purge it Superstar of the month, is a busy licensed social worker, educator, and mother of two! She heard about the Purge it 28-Day Eating Challenge from a friend and decided to go for it. She surprised her co-workers, friends, and family with tremendous results including weight loss and lowered cholesterol. The best part was the impact going on the Purge had on her children. Having healthy children and being an example to her family was the best gift of all.

You Go Arelys!

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Meet Jihan

... our Purge it Superstar the month! Jihan is a mom, teen mentor, and owner of A Better Me Lifestyle and Fitness, Inc. This busy professional teaches others about healthy habits and wanted to be an example to them and her family by taking it up a notch in the area of her eating and self-care. She took the 28-Day Purge it challenge earlier this year and had such great results, she decided to keep her plant-based diet and stress-free living going for the past eight months. In her own words,

" Some of the things I achieved from the Purge was a more conscious view of the ingredients that were in some of the foods that I ate. Being that I already ate a plant-based diet, it encouraged me to eat fewer things made with flour and really pushed me to check the ingredients of different foods. It helped me be more disciplined as well. Although it help me lose another 11 pounds, it really helped my mind and soul feel great about the accomplishment."

Jihan's example teaches us that this is a journey, not a sprint. By taking it one day at a time she has reduced stress, increased her physical activity, and has been able to focus more on her clients and future goals. Go Jihan! Learn more about her NJ-based outdoor boot camps and indoor fitness classes at


Meet Tony

Business owner and avid sportsman, Tony wanted to reach his goal of overall fitness by getting his eating habits at optimal performance. But being in the ever-changing tech industry allowed him very little time to think about it. Tony found out about the Purge from his boss who did the Purge with his wife, sister, mother-in-law, and aunt a few months ago. All of them had amazing results.

Purge it with Patti helped take the guesswork out of everything with it’s 3-phase design. It worked for Tony. He lost 22 pounds even before he finished the Purge. Go Tony!