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I launched Roots-n-Riddims, the West Indian workout, in a beauty salon in 2009 as an intervention to address communities who were affected by obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, all chronic diseases that affect many Caribbean families, including my own. Roots-n-Riddims made history as the first Caribbean and African cardiovascular workout approved by the National Association of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Now anyone, anywhere can take the course, get certified, and bring it to their community or church basement, or gym. It is essentially, a small business wrapped inside a workout. My goal is to see it in every major city with a large Caribbean and African population in order to build healthier Caribbean communities.

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Orange Teen Summit - "Move Ya Mind"
9:00 AM09:00

Orange Teen Summit - "Move Ya Mind"

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction workshop for teen girls

Local friends in the Orange, New Jersey area: The Orange School District presents their 9th Teen Summit with health and life workshops for your teens. I will be facilitating my mindfulness and stress reduction workshop for adolescent teen girls, “Move Ya Mind”. Register by clicking on the link. Share widely!

Lincoln Avenue School

216 Lincoln Avenue

Orange, New Jersey

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