Stress and Hair Loss

Stress can affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally. You owe it to yourself to identify your triggers, learn coping mechanisms, and implement ways of lowering your stress.

According to Crystal Martin, author of the New York Times article entitled, "What Black Women Need to Know About Hair Loss", hair loss is caused primarily by traction alopecia: hair loss from the tension exerted by styles like braids, extensions, and wigs. Although these cultural hair practices are often used by women of color and provide flexibility as protective hairstyles, the problem becomes an issue when the follicles, the pockets in the scalp where hair grows out of, become inflamed when hair is pulled too tight for too long.

Here are some options hair professionals and dermatologists suggest:

  1. Space out chemical treatments

  2. Change up your hairstyle

  3. Try going natural for at least 12 weeks

  4. Try diluted essential oils

  5. Seek professional help

  6. Nutrition

  7. De-stressing

In the same way that pulling your hair too tight can cause breakage and hair loss, situations, relationships, and drama can pull you in different directions too.  Pulling yourself too tight by doing too much, not having enough balance or self-care in your life can break you down emotionally, mentally, and physically, pulling you away from your health and fitness goals.  You can literally break down. Make the changes necessary to de-stress and remove toxic people and situations from your life. Find out more in our Curls on the Move curriculum for adolescent girls and our course for busy professional women of color: Self Care for the Sisters. Contact us for more info.