Self-Care to Avoid Clinician and Educator Burnout

Tools for Your Toolbox Workshop for Clinicians and Educators

As the end of the year winds down, it's hard not to feel exhausted, weary, and ready for vacation.  Students and parents definitely feel this way, but sometimes we overlook those who work hard for our children each day to keep their minds and bodies active: educators and clinicians. Practicing self-care as an educator, school nurse or health provider is one way to avoid educator/clinician burn out.

Did you know that taking time to breathe with your belly calms the mind, strengthens the abs, and aids in digestion? As urban educators, school nurses, and busy professionals, we cannot forget to care for our minds and bodies as we prepare for the important work we do each day.

Belly breathing is just one of the tools you can use to reverse clinician and educator burnout and enhance well-being. Learn more from our course specifically curated for educators and school nurses who work hard for our children and be sure to thank an educator and school nurse in your child's life today!