Purge it with Patti - 28-Day Body Reset

Purge it with Patti - 28-Day Body Reset

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In this book, you will:

  • Discover how to purge your body of harmful toxins, embedded fat, and compacted waste and begin to feel rejuvenated, lighter and healthier

  • Find tips to make healthier daily food choices for busy people

  • Learn fresh, simple, yummy recipes using real foods

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From the Inside Flap

I wrote the Purge it with Patti 28-day Body Reset book for three reasons.  

  1. To empower busy working professionals, students, and parents on the run, all like me, to make quick and easy food choices regarding their health and the health of their family

  2. To provide my clients, friends, students, and family members with the necessary tools to begin to address many preventable chronic conditions brought on by years of unhealthy eating such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, particularly among communities of color

  3. To demonstrate how easy it is to make simple, small, daily food choices which can add up to a big changes over time towards healthier living