Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training


Our approach is simple, helping schools and organizations make better decisions, improve outcomes, and amplify their impact toward a more equitable society.

Our professional development trainings and mini-workshops are designed to address the overwhelming data that supports the ways in which social and cultural factors, policies, and structures influence the health and well-being of students and professionals. Choose in-person PD training or online, virtual PD training for those outside the United States.

In addition to our PD training, we offer mini-workshops.

Our most requested mini-workshop topics include:

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for health and PE educators

  • Teaching Haircare, Health, and Self-Care to Girls of Color

  • Educator Burnout Prevention Mini-Workshop

Join our growing list of schools, school districts, and organizations who have benefitted from our evidenced-based best practices and innovative strategies built upon culturally congruent, gender-appreciative health and well-being pedagogy. Get started below:

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