Meet Jihan!

... our Purge it Superstar the month!  Jihan is a mom, teen mentor, and owner of A Better Me Lifestyle and Fitness, Inc.  This busy professional teaches others about healthy habits and wanted to be an example to them and her family by taking it up a notch in the area of her eating and self-care. She took the 28-Day Purge it challenge earlier this year and had such great results, she decided to keep her plant-based diet and stress-free living going for the past eight months. In her own words,

" Some of the things I achieved from the Purge was a more conscious view of the ingredients that were in some of the foods that I ate. Being that I already ate a plant-based diet, it encouraged me to eat fewer things made with flour and really pushed me to check the ingredients of different foods. It helped me be more disciplined as well. Although it help me lose another 11 pounds, it really helped my mind and soul feel great about the accomplishment."

Jihan's example teaches us that this is a journey, not a sprint. By taking it one day at a time she has reduced stress, increased her physical activity, and has been able to focus more on her clients and future goals. Go Jihan! Learn more about her NJ-based outdoor boot camps and indoor fitness classes at

Meet Kamar!

Our Purge it Superstar this month is Kamar! Kamar is a financial advisor ....... his busy lifestyle with professional and personal responsibilities kept him from eating well and making his nutrition a priority. 

Kamar's weight loss results and changes in his eating habits were so amazing, it caught the attention of his colleagues and close friends. Pretty soon his colleagues purchased Purge it with Patti and began purging it, including the CEO!  Changing his eating habits, making time for eating right, prepping, and thinking through his meals helped Kamar improve his productivity professionally and personally in just 28 days.

Kudos to Kamar, our Purge it Superstar of the month!
Get off the eat-on-the-go, no-time-to eat-right wheel and take control of your professional and personal life with consistent health habits. Book your transformation call with me, get ready to join our upcoming Purge it Challenge, and keep it moving!