After spending ten years in Africa leading humanitarian global health projects and counseling thousands of women in their faith, family, food, and fitness, I came back to the states with my family and started a successful health and wellness business: a fitness studio with a staff of twelve, and a childhood obesity prevention practice which has facilitated programs in over 50 schools throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey through my non-profit organization, Move it Nation, Inc.

Today, I am a professor, cultural health expert, author of Purge it with Patti - a mindful eating book, and the creator of health and well-being programs and initiatives for busy people like you: educators, students, and entrepreneurs who work hard but often find themselves burnt out, stressed out, overeating, not sleeping, and eventually succumbing to sickness and disease.

As a consultant, I counsel busy professionals to make the very best health and wellness choices they can and provide entrepreneurs with expert tools to build the health and wellness business of their dreams based on my 15+ years as an international health and wellness strategist with triple certifications as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Behavior Change Specialist, and a Certified Women's Fitness Coach with a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Education, and a Ph.D. in Urban Health Systems.

I also research and write scholarly articles about multicultural health education, health disparities in urban communities, and the connection between health, hair, and self-care among black and brown women and girls. To learn more or to collaborate on my research, programs, and projects, visit my #ProfPatti page or contact me.

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